Applicant Info

Name: From the SCGP Council, on behalf of Coinbase
Email: N/A
Telegram and/or Discord: N/A

General Project Info

Project Name: Recognizing Coinbase’s support for Seamless

Project Sector/Type (select one): Ecosystem Support

If “Other,” please specify:

Project Summary: Coinbase has been pivotal in shaping the advancement of Base and Seamless. With a reputation for user-friendly crypto solutions, Coinbase naturally supported Seamless with its mission to onboard billions to the onchain economy. The partnership facilitated seamless integrations and innovative implementations, propelling Seamless to become a top DeFi protocol used by almost 50,000 unique wallets in less than 6 months. Throughout the collaboration, Coinbase provided immense support, guiding Seamless’s development efforts on Base.

About the Team (+location): N/A
Relevant Links (website, github, discord, twitter, gitbook, explainer decks, etc): N/A
Market Research (target users, competitors, market potential, pain points): N/A

Detailed Project Info

Goals/Objectives + Relevance to Seamless Protocol/Community: Similar to the Optimism RGF, the SCGP Council has decided to make a retroactive grant and acknowledgment of Coinbase’s support. Coinbase continues to drive its 100M+ verified users onchain, and while doing so, introduce a more accessible user experience for everybody. Coinbase has worked directly with Seamless contributors to integrate technologies and amplify reach. From the Coinbase Wallet in-app subscriptions to Smart Wallet integrations to other ongoing explorations, Coinbase has been an invaluable partner in the effort to bring a more seamless onchain experience for all.

Roadmap: N/A

Relevant Milestones/Metrics (Now and Future): N/A

Funding Request + Budget Breakdown: $75k in SEAM tokens

Other Info

Please link to any previous work that showcases your expertise: N/A

Anything else we should know (e.g. existing partnerships, early adopters/community)? More integrations and collaborations are being explored.

Where did you hear about the Seamless grants program? N/A

Have you received any other funding (vc/institutional, angel and/or other DAO/grant funding)? N/A

Wallet Address that can accept ERC-20 Tokens on Base (this will be directly verified again prior to funding): To be chosen by Coinbase


I think that a nod to Coinbase makes sense. Their reach and products have really aided Seamless throughout its creation and launch. A retro (and ongoing) grant to ack their contributions (albeit intangible) have been tremendous and have certainly helped put Seamless in a position to succeed! In Favor and hope that the relationship deepens with future collabs/products.


For marketing, branding and positioning this seems like a good idea for SCGP/DAO/Seamless project.

I do support this - but with the footnote that this is a special situation and likely these types of retroactive grants should be used very rarely and only in the utmost special occasions?

I do think this crosses that threshold though and it’s another great initiative coming out of the SCGP committee. In the future this likely should be used sparingly to start (for obvious situations like coinbase) - until more clear guidelines are established.


Coinbase was the first CEX to list SEAM token thus attracting huge attention to Seamless. I do support this proposal that aims not only at paying tribute to Coinbase but also open new opportunities for Semales-Coinbase enhanced partnership.

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Coinbase created Base, the foundation under which Seamless operates. Coinbase is also showing a continue interest and investment in Base and the Seamless community. I think Seamless should show it’s appreciation by approving this grant.

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Let’s go! Coinbase continues to be a beacon of light in the crypto industry - whether that is leading the charge from a legal/regulatory standpoint or consistently trying to be a neutral, fair and good steward of the space.

I think it only makes sense as a hat-tip to the company that provides an anchor to the wider space, but also incubated the Base L2 ecosystem.

Regardless of the path forward, I believe coinbase can continue to contribute to the Seamless ecosystem and Base ecosystem in both direct and indirect ways. This may be the first olive branch from the Seamless DAO, which can initiate even further avenues of collaboration/conversations with coinbase.

Definitely stoked for this initiative and hope the SCGP strongly and carefully consider this (// this is a great suggestion from the SCGP). Look forward to what is to come


Coinbase has continued shipping public good(s); catalyzing scalability, efficient onboarding, and transact-ability via Base. This is further exemplified through the release of Smart Wallets. As Seamless, being a Base-native primitive, it is only just to give back to the company that’s laid the groundwork for us (the Seamless community) and the broader Base ecosystem to thrive.

very much in favor of this proposal.

Coin base is a leader in the crypto industry fully engaged with base and supporting seamless. I say yes absolutely I fully endorsed