SCGP APPLICATION: $SEAM Payment for Base Name Service

Applicant Info

General Project Info

  • Project Name: Base Name Service

  • Project Sector/Type (select one): Ecosystem Support

  • If “Other,” please specify:

  • Project Summary: Base Name Service (BNS) is a native naming service built on Base. BNS maps human readable names like “bob.base” to crypto wallet addresses, AA addresses, decentralized webs, hashes, and metadata.

  • About the Team (+location): The previously team built NFT marketplace, crypto exchange and payment platforms.

  • Relevant Links (website, github, discord, twitter, gitbook, explainer decks, etc):
    Farcaster: Warpcast
    $SEAM Payment Demo:

  • Market Research (target users, competitors, market potential, pain points): N/A

Detailed Project Info

  • Goals/Objectives + Relevance to Seamless Protocol/Community: Implement $SEAM payment for Base Name Service
  • Roadmap: Implement $SEAM Payment
  • Relevant Milestones/Metrics (Now and Future): It will take one or two weeks to implement $SEAM payment feature.
  • Funding Request + Budget Breakdown:

Other Info

  • Please link to any previous work that showcases your expertise:
    $DEGEN Payment for Base Name Service Warpcast
  • Anything else we should know (e.g. existing partnerships, early adopters/community)?
  • Where did you hear about the Seamless grants program? Seamless Team
  • Have you received any other funding (vc/institutional, angel and/or other DAO/grant funding)? We are backed by Orange DAO
  • Wallet Address that can accept ERC-20 Tokens on Base (this will be directly verified again prior to funding): 0xF6725CaAfb21Ee3D37CcB9764F6Cba7a21a15009

Hey! Awesome to see Base Name Service here! What is the amount of funding you are seeking?

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Hey @Ras, thanks for running the community grants program, and we are super excited about this integration. We are seeking $20K for development and operations

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Thanks for the submission!

Follow up question, have you seen evidence that BNS users are looking to use SEAM as a form of payment?

Hi @daryl, currently, users aren’t aware that we are going to enable the $SEAM token. Because of this, we haven’t seen any evidence yet. However, last week, we enabled the $DEGEN token. Following that, users heard the announcement and began registering names with $DEGEN, including Jacek (Founder of Degen), who got his name with $DEGEN after the integration.

No I haven’t received any other funding for any other project.