SCGP APPLICATION: Retroactive Grant for Community Airdrop Dune Dashboard

Applicant Info

  • Name: sub
  • Email: NA
  • Telegram and/or Discord: Discord username sub420

General Info

  • Project Name: Seamless Community Airdrop Dashboard

  • Project Sector/Type (select one): Liquidators | DEX Liquidity | ILMs | Governance Tools | Other

  • If “Other,” please specify: Community Dashboards / Analytics

  • Project Summary: Created a Community Dune Dashboard to help users track stats related to the SEAM community airdrop, across key stats like % claimed, total amount claimed, avg. balance per wallet, etc.

  • About the Team (+location): sub is a Seamless community member who participates in [telegram] discussions and created the dashboard on his/her own initiative.

  • Relevant Links (website, github, discord, twitter, gitbook, explainer decks, etc):

  • Market Research (target users, competitors, market potential, pain points):
    Target users are the Seamless community. It is a public good, so competitors/potential are not applicable. It helps create more information and analytics for users.

Detailed Project Info

  • Goals/Objectives + Relevance to Seamless Protocol/Community:
    To provide a dashboard around SEAM airdrop to the Seamless community.

  • Roadmap:
    NA - but maybe sub can think of more ideas and dashboards in the near future to rollout for the Seamless Community. A more high-level goal could be to provide dashboards/tools that are helpful to the community as a whole.

  • Relevant Milestones/Metrics (Now and Future):
    Unsure of availability of additional stats, but at least 4 users have favorited the dashboard, and anecdotally it sounds like many many more in the community was able to heavily reference the dashboard during the period around SEAM airdrop.

  • Funding Request + Budget Breakdown:

Total: $500

$250 upfront, for the retroactive funding request. Another $250 at a later time if sub has ideas for more dashboards/creates some more in the future.

Initial funding request takes into consideration the total budget size of this SCGP and the potential for sub to build more “public goods” dashboards in the future.

Other Info

  • Please link to any previous work that showcases your expertise:
  • Anything else we should know (e.g. existing partnerships, early adopters/community)? I am applying on behalf of sub since I think his/her work should be recognized.
  • Where did you hear about the Seamless grants program? Discourse
  • Have you received any other funding (vc/institutional, angel and/or other DAO/grant funding)? No
  • Wallet Address that can accept ERC-20 Tokens on Base (this will be directly verified again prior to funding): Will have sub provide a wallet if he/she is interested in supporting the grant.

Following up here to note that Sub was accepted as one of the first recipients of the SCGP. Excited to see what you build!


The full award details can be found on Discord: Discord

Congrats, once again!

@sub Please reply with your designated Base wallet address to receive the esSEAM grant. As mentioned on Discord, you’ve been awarded the grant - congrats once again!

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Thanks for reminding me @daryl. Thank you very much for the grant honoring my dashboard. My wallet address is 0x940f1cCC3f8dD222F99Fb56EA69B0a3e67D49bE9

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